Bedroom Renovation Progress Pics – Scary to Sweet

It probably doesn’t make a ton of sense to start with a kid’s bedroom when you have an entire house to renovate, but we figured out pretty quick that our daughter’s bedroom was priority #1.  Why?  Because she REFUSED to sleep in it (which meant she was sleeping in our bed….every…single…night).  Not only is she too old for that, but having  a 4-year-old in your bed is like sleeping with a zoo animal.

I can’t really blame her though, for a very girly girl her bedroom in the new house was dark and a little bit scary (her words).  As you can see from the before pics the walls were a yellow beige color with a dark green accent wall (it was darker in person), and a heinous blue and green floral wallpaper border.  There were also dark wood doors and trim; lots and lots of trim.  Top it off with some mis-matched furniture and it wasn’t a very welcoming space for a little girl.

Coral and Mint Bedroom Before
Bedroom – Before

Before we were even ready to move I knew she’d be switching to twin beds her brother was outgrowing.  I hyped up picking out new bedding as an incentive to ditch the toddler bed, and looked at a million duvet options. She desperately wanted ‘pink big girl beds’ and I finally came across this set at Pottery Barn Kids.  I normally can’t justify a lot of purchases at PBK (it’s a little pricey to me) but they were having an awesome sale and I got a pretty sweet deal.  I actually went with the sheet and duvet set in coral, and it totally passes the pink test for my daughter without being baby or hot pink.

These duvet covers became the basis for the vision I had in my head for the whole bedroom.  I love to use paint apps to put together color palettes and idea boards.  This is what I came up with for hers.

Coral and Mint Bedroom

We were getting ready to go on a family vacation so naturally I thought it would be a great time to start on her bedroom as well.  I was dreading that wallpaper border, it taunted me every time I went in there.  First I soaked it with a vinegar and water solution and let it sit, which didn’t do much.  Then I had the genius idea to use my steam mop to try to steam it off.  And it worked!  I’m sure this is totally not an approved use for this machine, but I’m all about improvising.   Here’s my hubby being a good sport and helping when my arms gave out.

Coral and Mint Bedroom Before

Wallpaper is seriously the worst invention.  I loathe it.  Once the border came down I spent another eternity couple hours getting the glue off the walls (vinegar, water, baking soda and a little dish soap works wonders FYI).  Then I went to work patching all the holes and cracks, taking the doors and outlet covers off and taping the carpet under the trim.  That doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but I think I made about 6 trips to Lowe’s.  Remember when I said we didn’t own any tools or equipment?  I wasn’t kidding.

FINALLY ready to paint, I did the trim first including the windows.  I primed them and then did a couple of coats of semi-gloss white paint.  It felt like it took a hundred years, but it made a huge difference in brightening up her bedroom.

Coral and Mint Bedroom During

I also primed and painted the doors and spray painted all the hardware and outlet covers.  All the covers in the house are either beige or shiny brass (barf).   Buying a couple new ones wouldn’t break the bank but when you have to replace 1,000 it starts to add up.  So I decided to spray paint them white and we’ll see how they hold up.  I actually started most of these projects before I thought about documenting them in a blog, so I’ll have to do future posts on my budget friendly updates down the road.

Coral and Mint Bedroom During
See all that crud in there? Yuck!

Then we primed and painted the walls, inside the closet and the ceiling.  Painting the ceiling was so hard!  It’s better but you can still see streaks if you’re really looking.  If you have any magical tips for that let me know, we both gave it a shot and pretty much sucked at it.   Once everything dried we put it all back together, busted out her new bedding and hung some drapes.  These are the curtains and rods I found at Target.

This is what her bedroom looks like now.  Neutral warm walls, crisp white doors and trim, pink (coral) big girl beds, and mint green curtains.  The most beautiful part of this project so far is the fact that she loves sleeping in here now!  It’s glorious!!

Coral and Mint Bedroom During

Coral and Mint Bedroom During

Coral and Mint Bedroom During

I still have a lot of decorating and finishing touches to do, would love to replace the carpet and add ceiling lights, but it’s so much better already.  I’m currently painting her furniture and working on some DIY headboards for the beds.  I’ll be sure to post an update soon so you can see what else we do in here!


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