Zero Point Creamy Vegetable Soup

Zero Point Creamy Vegetable Soup

Zero Point Creamy Vegetable Soup |

Today I’m sharing my favorite way to use up those sad wilting vegetables hiding in your fridge.  You know you have some.  But fear not, you can make this creamy low carb, zero-smartpoint vegetable soup with basically whatever you have lingering in there.  It’s also gluten-free, grain-free, and vegan, seriously it’s just vegetables.  And uses two of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the Instant Pot and an immersion blender.

I have a habit of buying way too much produce.  It’s well-intentioned, but busy days and nights frequently get in the way of using it all before it spoils.  As a result our family sometimes affectionately refers to the refrigerator drawer as ‘the rotter’.  As in the place where vegetables go to die.  Like the celery you see in the picture below.

Zero Point Veggie Soup

The ingredients above are what I used in my last batch of soup.  A few radishes, some celery, broccoli and carrots leftover from a party tray, an onion, a bunch of squash that were intended for a recipe that didn’t happen this week, and then I threw in a bag of frozen cauliflower.   You can use anything you have, but I do think cauliflower helps with the ‘creamy’ texture and I almost always have some in the freezer.  I like to use thyme, salt and lots of cracked pepper to season but add whatever sounds good.  Just go easy on the salt at first, the type of stock used can affect the overall salt level.  You can always add more at the end if needed.

This recipe is so easy I’m not even sure it’s really a recipe.  Just give everything a rough chop and throw all the ingredients in the Instant Pot.  You can also use a slow cooker (cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours) or a large pot on the stove (bring to a simmer and cover with a lid).  The goal is just to make sure the veggies get really soft before blending them.

Zero Point Veggie Soup

Blend everything together once it’s done cooking until it gets super smooth.  I’m seriously in love with my immersion blender.  It’s great for soup, cauliflower mash, making my own mayo, all kinds of things.   See how the soup starts to puree and take on a creamy consistency without adding any actual cream or other dairy?  It’s magic!

Zero Point Veggie Soup

That’s it!  This soup is zero points per the Weight Watchers recipe calculator and low carb depending on the vegetables used.  It’s filling on its own but also a great base to add in protein or other toppings.  Example, I added 2 oz. of browned Trader Joe’s turkey summer sausage and a tablespoon of sour cream for a huge bowl of soup for only 3 smart points.

Zero Point Veggie Soup |

I also cleaned out the rotter the fridge and didn’t let any of thos expensive nutritious vegetables go to waste.  I count that as a win.

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