Oscar Night – And the Award for Best Appetizer Goes To…..

Oscar Night – And the Award for Best Appetizer Goes To…..

The 89th Academy Awards are this Sunday, the 26th!  This is one of my favorite nights of the year.  I love to do it up; formal dress and heels, hair and make-up, the works.  Then I host a fancy dinner party for our closest friends with an elaborate multiple course menu.

Oscars, Wine & Yoga Pants | suburbancluster.com

Just kidding….actually my girlfriends come over and we lay around in yoga pants and drink a lot of wine.  While eating copious amounts of snacks and judging beautiful celebrities.  I also make Mr. Cluster and the kids stay in the basement the whole time.  The Oscars are his idea of torture, making it the perfect occasion for a girls’ night.  Traditionally everyone brings an appetizer or dessert to share and we try to guess the winners in each category.  Sadly I think the only nominated movies I’ve seen this year are in the Animated Feature Film category (thanks kids!).  But that doesn’t really matter.  It’s more about getting together with friends and quite honestly…the snacks.


I’ve been thinking about what to make and channeling my inner Ina Garten.  I fantasize about being invited to a cocktail party at her house in the Hamptons.  Realizing the chances of that happening are pretty slim, I guess I’ll just stick to reading her hostessing tips on the Internet.  I can get carried away with party planning, so I’m keeping her advice to only make a couple dishes and buy the rest in mind.  A trip to Trader Joe’s for some of my current point-friendly low carb favorites is definitely in order.  I’ll post a link to my TJ’s favorites list soon,  as well as what I end up making for the party!


Usually I just print off ballots for the current year nominees and we fill them out before the ceremony.  There are many websites that have printable ballots, but here’s the one I’m using from the The Gold Knight.  I also wanted to change it up a little bit by adding another game and decided on Oscar Bingo.  Other printables exist out there for this game (totally not a new idea), but I decided to make my own.  You can click on the image below to use my cards if you’d like.   These cards are not specific to the 2017 Academy Awards and include some red carpet related spots (our favorite part of the show), so they can be used again for another year.

Oscar Party Bingo Card Printables | suburbancluster.com

Whether you go to a fancy party or sit at home in your sweatpants, the Oscars are always a great time to get together for a dose of Hollywood.  I’d love to hear about your party plans for Sunday!

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