My Favorite Low Carb/Low Point Trader Joe’s Finds

My Favorite Low Carb/Low Point Trader Joe’s Finds

Trader Joe’s has so many healthy and convenient food options. Here is a list of my current low carb and point-friendly favorites.

Trader Joe's Favorites |

Chicken Salad (1/2 cup) – 2 SP and 3 net carbs

I work from home and stay home with my kiddos full time so keeping quick lunch options on hand is a life saver.  Having fun pre-made things ready to go saves me from picking off kids’ plates or mindlessly snacking the whole day.  This pre-made chicken salad is easy to put in a sandwich or wrap, on top of a green salad or straight out of the container with a few crackers or chips.

Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip (2 tablespoons) – 2 SP and 1 net carb

I could make a meal (or 2) out of just chips and dip.  Unfortunately most dips, and the accompanying dippers, are not very point-friendly.  I’m typically not a fan of dips made with yogurt, they just don’t taste right, but TJ’s Reduced-Guilt Spinach & Kale Dip is awesome.  It doesn’t taste super fake or sour like many yogurt based dips and it’s full of green veggies.  I like to dip parsnip chips (see below) in this or mix some into scrambled eggs.

Parsnip Chips (1 oz) – 4 SP and 2 net carbs

Chips are always hard and I’m trying not eat them as frequently, but I do love these parsnip chips.  They scratch the itch for something crunchy and for when you need a vehicle for dip, but they don’t totally bust your point allowance for the day.  And they still count as a vegetable right?  Even if they are fried.  I have to portion these out and walk away or I can do some damage on the whole bag.

Langostino Tails (3 oz) – 1 SP and 0 net carbs

Trader Joe’s has an awesome freezer section and these babies are one of my absolute current favorites.   They kind of taste like little mini lobster tails.  You just defrost them and they’re ready to eat (rinse and drain well first).  I’ve mixed them with mayo for a quick seafood salad, mixed them in TJ’s Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese for a little splurge and made these ‘fancy’ Langostino Stuffed Mushrooms with them.  And the best part is you can basically eat the whole bag for like 2 smart points.  Winning!

Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions (1 cup) – 0 SP and 5 net carbs

Another amazing find from the freezer section are the Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions.  These are one of my freezer staples for quick meals.  I throw a bag (still frozen) in a pan with a little olive oil, taco seasonings and leftover rotisserie chicken for quick fajita bowls.  Or roll the mixture up in a low carb/low point tortilla for Taco Tuesday.

Green Dragon Sauce (1 tsp) – 0 SP and 0 net carbs

I have a long standing love affair with all kinds of hot sauce.  This Green Dragon Sauce is totally on my top 5 (maybe even top 3) list of favorites.  If you like spicy you should definitely give this a try.  It’s not killer melt-your-face-off spicy but has such a unique flavor.  It’s pretty heavy on the cilantro, which I love but I know a lot of people don’t, so there’s a heads up if you’re not a fan.

Feta Cheese Spread (2 tablespoons) – 2 SP and 1 net carb

I love cheese almost as much as I love hot sauce.  I know there are many low point options out there, but 99% percent taste like chemically plastic to me.  Can’t do it.  (I feel the same way about ranch dressing and sour cream, but that’s another story.)  I’ve found that by lowering my carbs I’m still able to eat more real deal cheese and dairy without going over my points.  Anyway, one of my current TJ’s faves in the cheese department is this Feta Cheese Spread.  And for 2 SP for 2 tablespoons (that’s a lot!) it’s a great find.  It’s definitely more of a spread than a dip so I put it on lunchmeat for rollups or lettuce wraps, eat it with canned tuna or heat some a little and put it in my eggs.

Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce (1 tsp) – 0 SP and 0 net carbs

Rounding out my essential condiments list is the Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce.  It’s got more of a kick than regular mustard and goes with everything.  It’s good on turkey rollups or sandwiches, fish (especially salmon), I dip veggies or turkey pepperoni chips in it, the list is really endless.  If you like mustard just trust me and try this one.

Turkey Summer Sausage (2 oz) – 2 SP and 2 net carbs

This is a really convenient low point snack option.  2 oz of straight protein for 2 SP is a pretty good bang for your point buck in my opinion.  I hack off a hunk and nibble on it by itself (because I’m super classy like that) or dress it up on a charcuterie board for a point-friendly appetizer option suitable for entertaining.   I have also sautéed it in pan and topped this Zero Point Vegetable Soup with the crispy bits.  YUM!

Cruciferous Crunch (3 cups) – 0 SP and 4 net carbs

In the fresh vegetable section I usually grab a bag of Cruciferous Crunch.  It’s straight up veggies so it falls into the 0 Smart Point or ‘free food’ category for Weight Watchers which is always a plus.  Admittedly I don’t usually buy a lot of fresh produce from Trader Joe’s, but this is an exception.  It’s a different mix than I’ve seen anywhere else and I think it lasts a lot longer in my crisper (aka ‘the rotter’) than other bagged salad mixes.  If you’re into ruffage or need a fiber boost for your lower intestinal track this one’s for you.  You’ve been warned.

Trader Joe's Favorites |

So there’s my Top 10 list.  For now.  If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby I apologize for teasing you with all these delicious goodies.  Every city should really have at least one.  What are your must-have Trader Joe’s items?  I’d love to add to my shopping list!

**I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s in any way.  The descriptions above are my own opinions regarding products I personally have purchased and consumed (some in large quantities).

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