About Me

Welcome!  My name is Leigh.  I am a wife, mother of 2 and have worked in the healthcare industry as a financial analyst for almost 15 years.  I’ve been lucky to work from home while my kids were babies, and now as they are growing up I’m finding more time to explore some of the other things I am passionate about.  I  love cooking and creating recipes, working on our fixer-upper home, volunteering in our school community and sharing new found knowledge about safer skincare.

I have always loved to cook and spend time in the kitchen.  Cooking for my family and friends brings me joy.  But like so many others I’ve definitely struggled in the health department while navigating the last decade of having babies, working and managing all of our obligations.  The closer I get to 40 I’m realizing how important it is to make my health a priority.   At times it feels like an uphill battle, but I’m hoping this blog helps keep me on track and provides some great recipes, safer skincare knowledge and other information to those who may be on this same road with me.